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bus and coach chassis number database

The problem in the vehicle search is fixed. 2021-01-28

Here you get for a given (bus-) chassis number data the model, the construction year and other information, as far as it is to decode from the chassis number. There is no plausibility check of a number, this means you get what you entered. Wrong numbers lead to wrong results without warning about this.
The chassis number does not need to be complete, for most manufacturers the last 7 digits (german SP-number) are sufficient. The world manufacturer identifier may be omited.
In the case of an incomplete number (not all digits given) we cannot guarantee a correct result nor is in every case an answer possible, as the number is in general not unique. We try to suggest that the entered number is from a bus.
Here we do not check if we have more information for a given bus. For this function you must be logged in and have the rights to do so.

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